Thursday, June 6, 2013

Delay   &  Satur - slay

Hello everyone. An update that there has been a bit of a delay. The zine did not go out at the end of May as anticipated, but it will be definitely be going out late June to early July. Thanks so much for your patience and I apologize for keeping you waiting.

Now for the good news! Due to high interest, there will be a second edition of Missive Survival!! Submissions for Missive Survival Two: Saturslay will open July 15th, 2013. If you loved this project and want to join again, or missed out on participating in the first one, now is your chance.

Saturslay is a play on words since in the United States, August 2013 is the start of no home mail deliveries on Saturday. (So Saturday and Sunday will both be non-delivery days).

Saturday may be slayed, but the missives will survive.

Missive Survival is a project which uses art mailed in by participants from all over the world. The art is then all compiled into a zine which is sent back out to everyone who sent in a submission. The goal of this project is to:

-promote the use of snail mail
-to create art
-to have people from all corners of the world collaborate

All mediums are welcome. Any kind of original art from any type of person from any type of place with any level of quality has a home in Missive Survival.

Send your poem, story, painting, drawing, photo, etc to:

Missive Survival Zine
P.O. Box 395
Bend, OR, 97709

Include your name for credit and your return address so you can receive a copy of the zine when it's finished.

Please don't be afraid your art is not good enough! IT IS. If you can't think of what to do, but want to participate, realize that even a scribble/doodle or a few sentences about your day or an interest of yours will suffice and be warmly welcomed.

Note: 3D art (such as sculptures) unfortunately won't work when I print out the art to compile the zine, BUT a photograph of 3D art works great.

Note: In most cases, the original art you sent in will not be returned.

Questions? Comments? Want a copy of the first Missive Survival? E-mail me at

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  1. Hi there! Are you doing this project again in 2014? It seems really fun!